Jarhead (US 2005)

January 20th, 2006

Anti-Kriegsfilm, weil Krieg findet nicht statt.


Marines (Jarheads) im ersten Golfkrieg. Für sie findet der Krieg nicht statt, sie werden aber mit den Folgen konfrontiert.

Warum sollte man den Film sehen?

Die Bilder der brennenden Ölfelder sind beeindruckend in ihrer Stimmung. Hauptthema is allerdings etwas anderes, nämlich wie die jungen Soldaten mit ihrer Situation umgehen, der alte Konflikt des Wollens, aber nicht Dürfens und des Sollens aber nicht Wollen.

Was nervt?

Das nicht weiss ob man sich mehr an Full Metal Jacket oder Platoon erinnern soll.

Eclipse Bashing

January 19th, 2006

It seems to become a habit to do Eclipse-bashing.

I am a succesful user of Eclipse (3.1.1 & 3.2) and after taking some time to evaluate NetBeans and IDEA I admit that there are nice features, but for my everyday work Eclipse is still best.

Sometimes Eclipse is painfully slow, buggy, confusing, agreed. NetBeans has a nice build-system, a good Swing-editor (which I use occasionally), but in terms of support for coding/debug it is trailing light-years behind Eclipse. IDEA is in general a bit better than NetBeans and has the superior user-interface (although it reminds me a bit of JBuilder).

The problem I have with these two alternatives to Eclipse is simply that I spend 80% of my time using basic features which are well implemented in Eclipse and the rest of the time with experimental stuff where I am much more likely to get at least rudimentary support from some (buggy) plugins. For me personally the advantages of NetBeans and IDEA focus mostly on 50% of my 20% usages so that I cannot justify spending 500$ on IDEA. Not talking about restructuring all developer environments.

I estimate a migration to IDEA to cost some 200.000$ - not counting licences. When consider the low-end use of most of our developers I expect that we would have a ROI after perhaps 2 years. Where will be IDEA within 2 years? Where will be Eclipse and which technology we will use by then at all?

Answer (of some of my collegues who find IDEA even worse than their hatred Eclipse) : Visual C++ Studio 6.0
… but this is a completly different story

Old Apache Java

January 19th, 2006

Apache’s stuff became a classic - especially in the Java-universe. Lot of nice stuff found even its way into Sun’s JVM (BCEL, Xerces), but what about the rest?
Commons is beginning to get on my nerves now. We have - as many people - problem with the memory-leaks and caused by commons-logging, now I stumbled into something in HttpClient/Axis which sets finally some red lights on Apache stuff.
It feels for me that Apache becomes a J#. Perhaps a little bit harsh, but since I also have to keep code-compatability with J# I know what I am talking about when I say that it feels the same.
Apache gave us nice things like their licensing-scheme, the Apache server and many reference implementations of JSRs. But Apache is in the end nothing but a brand. Sometimes it seems that more or less weak ideas try get promoted by the blessing of an Apache-branding.