What’s the point in Java open-sourced?

May 20th, 2006

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  1. Robert Schuster Says:

    One great thing about people writing about the GNU GPL is that you can quickly find out where they stand, so as here.

    You are free to stay with your point of view but let me present the free software perspective:

    The GNU General Public License is *not* a present for software developers who like to keep control over everything they publish. However the GPL is the biggest present for the software *users* out there and these are the ones that are targetted by the FSF’s definition of ’software freedom’.

    It is nice that you mention Wikipedia and question the need for a ‘100% “free”-Software stack’.

    Wikipedia would not exist when its developers where not allowed to tweak every bit of their platform from the operating system’s kernel, over the system libraries, the web server and of course the Wiki software itself. Any proprietary code would limit they ability to tailor the system to their needs. This is their way of profiting from software freedom.

    “Most software is written for money and is either sold or used internally where a “free”-stack is absolutly no concern.”
    In the free software community a lot of people are paid to work on free software. I enjoy writing software for a living and contribute to the free software community at the same. I very much like the fact that our project has people from different companies as well as voluntary contributors.

    “When I find something interesting on the net I usually check the license - if its GPL its over.”
    Like WordPress, which powers your blog? I doubt that you suffer from the freedoms that its developers granted to you.

    Robert Schuster
    GNU Classpath Developer

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