February 27th, 2007

I have to say I never liked this Quicktime stuff, but within 5 days this changed completely!

Saturday I’d been looking using the freshly updated Firefox ( at the Quicktime presentation of the iPhone. I already was determined to buy one - if it will ever come out here - I just wanted to play with this animated presentations a bit while sipping on my coffee.

Firefox crashed.

As it had been once helpful I even accepted Microsoft’s offer to tell them about this problem. In the meantime I restarted Firefox and reproduced the crash, filed the quality feedback and learned by then that the problem had been caused within Quicktime. OK, first blow.

I downloaded the latest version (QT-only!) after uninstalling the old one - the process alone is tacky -and everything was OK. I even told Microsoft that Firefox is not the problem but an update of Quicktime will do.

This morning the Apple Updater (I didn’t remember I asked for something lie that to be installed) asked for an Update. Apple makes the life easy. You don’t have an other choice than accepting or declining. You can’t customize the update (which happened to install iTunes in my case) and it gives you no information why you should accept it.

Well perhaps I still want an iPhone, because a care-free handheld device that works and manages itself is what I want - but the faint idea to get me an Apple notebook disappeared completely from my mind (this is why I write this down here, so that I never forget)

Cashback (UK 2004)

February 4th, 2007

Nicht Oscar-nominiert - was für ein Fehler. Es kaum darauf an wie man seine Zeit nutzt, Ben weiß das genauer als andere, weil er die Zeit anhalten kann.
Ben macht mit seiner Freundin Schluß und kommt aber nicht darüber hinweg. Er kann nicht mehr schlafen. Aber er kann die Zeit kontrollieren. In der Nachtschicht im Supermarkt -er hat ja Zeit- trifft er auf Sharon.
Warum sollte man den Film sehen

Unauffällige Tricks, die wirklich zur Erzählung betragen; phantastische Bilder - hervorragend photographiert. Schauspielerisch solide dargestellt. Ausgeklügetes Drehbuch, wirklich nichts ist überflüssig, sogar das Ben Kunst studiert ist essentiell.

Was nervt?

Ben’s Umfeld is etwas albern - vielleicht hat Regisseur Sean Ellis alle Nervgestalten seiner Jugend hier verewigt.