Yes, me too! Java is too …

December 25th, 2007

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  1. java geek Says:

    One could not say it better, especially this part about how every n00b thinks he knows why Java sucks and what it should add in order to improve. Excellent post.

  2. Casper Says:

    I think you are right on some points, but ignores a few others. Java was simply not designed to build an elegant cathedral, but more simple things like pyramids. You can kinda see this by comparing how few actual end-user Java applications (requiring a lot of polishing) vs. all the various frameworks (requiring only contracts and invariant guards) on sourceforge. I personally this this is also why Apple sees very little reason to get Java 1.6 support out the door.

    What used to be small annoyances are starting to become major hurdles. This as a consequence of Sun’s commitment to backwards compatibility, unmatched by any other language. A breeze of fresh air is good occasionally and actually going in to fix stuff does wonders on ANY code base… and that’s where Java fails to deliver - it’s stuck in its own mistakes, believing layers upon layer can fix it. In contrast, C# fixed a lot of these issues and while not perfect, represents “a better Java” in my book (Date is named properly as DateTime, no clunky BigDecimal workaround to a Decimal, methods are non-virtual by default, no over complicated things like i.e. ClassLoaders, properties and events are in place natually etc.)

  3. Sakuraba Says:

    I agree. Java is just fine. It is not the perfect platform, but .NET isnt either. And dont even get me started on some guys that are waking up after their hangover.

    It is never about technologies, yet always people that effectively utilize them.

    The problems in IT are the same since decades. Processors and storage has never been cheaper in history. Yet still projects fail or burn more money that they create. It is not the technology. It IS the people.

  4. ordinary girl Says:

    “It is never about technologies, yet always people that effectively utilize them.”

    Words of wisdom…

  5. Stephan Schmidt Says:

    The company I work has earned 53 Mio EUR in 2006 based on an internet realestate plattform written in Java. As long as Java can provide plattforms where you earn money, it’s stupid to bash it like some people do.


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