Maven, Nexus …

August 15th, 2008

Sorry I have to get loose a rant

Both “tools” are complete crap. If you are just one inch off the line - nothing works and you find yourself working from workaround to workaround (because you discover another bug/limitation)

Nexus is perhaps the worst part - they are now at beta 5.1 or already 5.2  when I finished writing this. They keep adding features instead of making the 1.0 stable.  This is all but professional. La merde bien epaisse qui pue. I have never seen any open source project that uses a M$ tactic before - well, we never stop learning, do we?

Maven itself, yes if all is is standard Maven it might work, but beware to  have something that is not following the Maven “standard” - it becomes an “usine à gaz”.   There are too many caveats, limitations to make it usable for anything that is a bit more complicated - ever had a task that creates more than one artifact? - have fun to  use all of them without intermediate artifacts where dependency mangement is - well nightmare is an euphemism for that.

Sorry, these two are not for me - if you like looking at meaningless logs and masturbate on them, feel free to give it a try.