January 28th, 2011

The D300s seems to get to the end of its lifetime, bythom.com mentioned that it out of production already, Nikon Munich put a demo unit on sale at ebay, more important: It is almost two years in the market and had been only a modest upgrade of the D300.

The rumor mills are chewing slowly, slower at least as for the D7000 (aka D90s) - perhaps because there is no photokina in sight and the price point to be expected will be around $1800-2000.

What can we expect - idiotic to muse about, but I have a personal wish list and some opinions, maybe you are interested:

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Getting more views on Flickr

January 24th, 2011

Not serious, but there seems to be a bug in the view count which can be exploited:

  1. Go to Google translate 
  2. Set source language to the language you use on a photo page on Flickr
  3. Set target language to something different
  4. Paste the URL of your photo page in the into the input field
  5. Clicke Translate
  6. Click refresh as many times you want - each click seems to be counted as two views

I discovered this in my stats where a completely boring shot appeared with 30+ views

I haven’t looked very closely, but if anyone know how to report this to flickr, please let me know.

Back and Front Focus

January 23rd, 2011

First let me explain what we are talking about. It is only an issue for DSLRs with AF. Most DSLRs confirm the point where they focused at in the viewfinder and obviously you are disappointed when you find that the actual focus is on the nose or the ear instead of the eye of the person.

Many scream: My Xyz back- (ear) or front- (nose) focusses. That is more often wrong than right. Poor technique is a major cause: When you focus and move a bit closer farer when pressing the trigger you create back/front focus. I have seen it several times that photographer strain their muscles to stabilize their grip, when you do it before activation of the AF you are almost guaranteed to ruin the focus. Consistently - we all have our habits.

Inconsistent focus may be caused by an even poorer technique or simply at random. No AF system nails it everytime, there are always some tolerances. When hand holding you may shake a bit while focussing and the AF actually focuses elsewhere.

When you have eliminated all the possible errors above and consistently get back- or front-focus you may want to take action

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Hard stop

January 13th, 2011

I have to rant a little -  what had Nikon been thinking as they removed the hard infinity stop from their AF-S lenses. This renders the lenses for landscape work unusable.The old hyperfocal distance - good joke - how to find it with the tiny distance scales (if there is any at all)?In the field it is almost impossible to rely on AF when doing landscape -  there are some workarounds, but not all are practical/reliable. With a hard infinity stop  you know after a while how many millimeters you have to turn back to get what you want. Without such a reference point - forget it

Some workarounds

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