Pentax is loosing it

June 23rd, 2011

Pentax presented the “Q” with “Toy” lenses. What they had been smoking?

For half the price you get an Olympus XZ-1 - OK, no fisheye lens and retro design and only half the price …

After Real good stuff like the K-5 and the 645d, cameras really made for photographers, now a line for giving a camera to your wife that she can pass on to the 16-year old.

The must be either extremely smart or desperate.

I had been considering Pentax before eventually deciding for Nikon ( I discarded Sony and Canon earlier in the selection*) and I hadn’t been 100% sure if I made the right call. Now I am, the prognosis for Pentax is no good

*in case you are interested how I decided on a DSLR system read on

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