What you need as glass (Part II - Wide Prime)

July 9th, 2011

This is part II of a series of what glass you will need. Each part will discuss a certain lens type and its applications.

Wide primes had their day. With a single exception: Nikkor 24mm 1.4G.

Todays wide angle zooms are that good, better than any of the classical primes from 20-28mm that there is no use for them anymore. Still they are fun to use as a walk-around or street-photo lens. I personally love a Sigma 24mm AF I got for €60 from ebay. This lens is very compact, can focus close (1:4 macro!) for interesting effects, but doesn’t play well with the metering system and makes horrible noise when focusing.

The aforementioned 24mm 1.4G is special, as it is price. Look at David Kaplan’s photostream to see what can be done with it. Its brother the 35mm 1.4G is no slouch either, though on DX the 35/1.8 is too much a better value.

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