Windows Blue - wait until it gets dark

March 29th, 2013

The pundits on zdnet are flooding us with “news” on Windows Blue to no end - Microsoft’s marketing department is doing overtime buying hope for disappointed Windows 8 users.

Wait until dark, dark as where MS should put anything related to Metro into.

I have used professionally anything from Win 3.1, 95, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Vista and was happy with it (err, please exclude Me). I forgave it to not offer a shell like bash/csh/tcsh because they all did a wonderful job to what the have been designed for and what the user expected… (To give credit to Win 7: good friends assured me that it is indeed the logical step to go from XP via Vista with keeping only the best of them)

Windows 8 might do what it is designed for, but fails on the user expectation. I have a Nokia 920 and I keep it ONLY because the camera is so good. The OS is (almost) unbearable. If I was a phone “power-user” it would have been sent back to Amazon immediately. Usability is unspeakable - I use it in parallel a HTC Sensation and I catch myself using this older phone (smaller, inferior screen) instead of my shiny new 920: Because every single piece of software sucks. I haven’t found a single app for WP 8 that comes even close to the Android equivalent. Anyway, the camera on this phone is really good, so good that I even forgive the blind monkey who programmed its software, which subtracts 10 points of the possible quality of the hardware. 

I use a Nikon D800e as my principal imaging device - if the firmware was that bad as in the 920 I would exchange it with a D90 without compensation without any hesitation. This is how bad it is. Don’t tell me Nokia sucks, MS bought themselves into it, my N8 beats this “software” by a mile

Back to “real Windows 8″

I know, I suck at UI design. I know because I recognize poor design when I look at mine, but from MS I expected better. If everything is such a FU like I produce, why buying an OS? First in W8 is Metro.

After you found a way to show a desktop. Finally your 27″ screen makes sense …. until you open Skype. The preinstalled Skype switches to the Metro app, you have to be almost an detective to find the download to the desktop app - I really spend hours to explain it to engineers who got trapped on the skype site. 

Why you need Skype on the desktop?  For example to talk with a workmate about a pdf you both have just received - f?#k pdfs also open as a Metro app, so uninstall this as well and replace it with the normal Adobe Reader (I am wondering if installing the full Adobe suite will do this automatically or if each “final preview” will throw you back to the tiles). Two nowdays essential apps “fubar” - in literal sense. 

It might be that many users are fine with this, but please Microsoft: If this is the case, please rethink your version policy: Make W8RT for tablets that nobody will use after seeing an iPad/Nexus device (sales ~ 0). Make a Win 8 classic edition (sales unknown, ask marketing to get wrong estimates) and a Win8 XP edition for those how actually use a computer and know what it is good for (sales >>> OSX).

Currently Microsft only offers the first two choices, thus I have to get a Mac (Lightroom doesn’t run on Linux…) when my 4 year old Vista machine goes south - I will pay happily $1000 for overpriced Apple hardware before I will spend $0 on using Win 8 on a machine I pay for.

OK, this is a rant, a rant of someone who directly accounted for 5-digit direct sales for MS and 6-digits indirect sales. Correct that, some of the organizations I had in mind already switched to Linux, I can’t go there, I am (still) a faithful Adobe customer (Adobe, how long do you thing I will go through the pain of using 2nd or 3rd rate OSes?)

PS: Solaris Rules! (no irony)