Got a Mac

September 30th, 2015

I now have a Macbook Pro.

So far I like it, the keyboard is very good, though the different placement of the @ is giving me a hard time

If I have some complains about the keyboard: The fn key is more in the way than useful. I wish I could switch fn and cmd so that copy&paste wouldn’t be such a gymnastic exercise if you want to do it single handed.

I already did some configuration changes, namely the default settings for the function keys so that coding in Eclipse is less a pain and the tap click on the pad - I find the click resistance too hard.

Software-wise I tried Textmate, but I ended up with Brackets which is more adapted to my needs.

Only reason I got the Mac was Xcode. This is a downer. After Idea, Eclipse or Visual Studio it feels old. Very easy to make mistake that are hard to reverse. Simplest example: Duplicate a target. It also duplicates the Schema but name change to the Target don’t propagate and then it is very difficult to find the right Scheme after creating several targets.

Naming is a strange beast anyway: Sometimes you can double click a name to edit it, sometimes you have to hit enter - very consistent, isn’t it?

Dictionaries - brilliant. Add an entry by + on a line, OK not really what I’d prefer, but it works. Change the type of the entry to Dictionary, fine. How to add an entry to the new Dictionary? Right, you have to expand the empty Dictionary and click the same + to add an entry.

My Logitech mouse works fine now after I installed the Logitech Control Center, strange experience after Windows automatically supporting the same device without any installation.

More to come…