JavaDay 2006 Paris - Aerith for download

June 30th, 2006

Besides the apperance of James Gosling, the most impressive thing was Romain Guy’s (re-)presentation of Aerith and the announcement that it is now available as source-code at SwingLabs. The license is a BSD-license, he siaid that he’d been told that some of the music from the original presentation had been left out for copyright reasons.

As the event set out late (seems to be normal in France as most people showed up late, too - they seem to know something I don’t), some keynotes (including Romain’s had been shortened).

The Q&A-session suffered a bit by question that went into very details - some people have to learn that their faqvorite topic/bug might not be of interest for everyone. James handled this like a wise old man, chapeau!

After the keynotes I attended the JCP Training session that was very good. Unfortunately it got cut because of an agenda change, so that we didn’t get to the TCK/TCD part anymore.

At the end the where some sweepstakes, most notably 3 dual-core CPUs. They drew the winners from the inscription list and I got quite excited as they said “this is letter S”, normally I am on top of the letter S list - this time they picked a name doen the list.
To see the full agenda :http://fr.sun.com/javaday2006/index.html