This is genuine Microsoft

May 20th, 2006

I started playing with Google Web Toolkit beta- actually I didn’t really start. Because I had to uninstall IE7 (which I don’t use at all), but hey I’d been curious.

The screenshot above is a ‘warning’ from the uninstall. I think they inserted it to deter people from stopping using it (interesting though how this compares to trailware).

But at the end the best one:

It is always more confusing to offer a negated phrase (”Are you not sure if you don’t want not all files lost on harddrive not being formatted [Y/N]”), instead of defaulting a reasonable choice.

The alert reader might have spotted that I use a french edition of XP (with the Vista L&F) - but everything comes in english?!

BTW: I think IE7 sucks. It is IE6 with tabbed-browsing, a terrible layout of controls and all known bugs. Worst of all: The anti-aliasing. Looks like s**t - if you happen to use Office 2003 you know this reading-layout - just like this, just a tad worse.

They should steal the anti-aliasing from Mustang, that works and looks really good.

PS: I now believe Microsoft invented the browser: It just took them longer than Netscape to come out with it:-) If the big battleship Microsoft is in hurry, some things might go over board