Eclipse 3.2RC1 quite stable

April 18th, 2006

After a personal desaster with M6, the RC1 proved to be quite stable. I know it is idiotic to use always the bleeding edge, but I couldn’t resist (there had been something in the relnotes that looked too tempting to me).

To make a long story short: I wasted nearly whole of last week restarting eclipse and reinstalling JREs (M6 didn’t liked Mustang at all), but with RC1 under 1.5.06 no crash during the weeked using WST 1.5M4. OK, I restarted twice because WST got confused about the state of my Tomcat, but that was OK.

I think. It was the first time I started right out with WST a J2EE application, and hey I was an awesome experience. When using WST on an existing “J2EE project” - that is a project not created with J2EE you’ll miss many features and some things simply don’t work properly (at random, sometimes:-).

I wrote a simple Ajax app with it (actually without any XML, but that seems to be the trend, not?) which was targeted at a PHP deployment. I wanted to learn the SAJAX for the client-side so I decided to do it J2EE-wise where I am 100% sure what I am doing (and that it is also done by the machine - I hate magic, unless I do it myself).

Well, just aside: The PHP implementation took me much longer than developing the Java code!

SAJAX on the other hand is quite nice, when I find some time (so many interesting thing to do, so little time) I’ll contribute something to leverage it from J2EE more easily.