March 2nd, 2007

Sorry, am I losing track of it or not? Vista was said to make computing more secure. One of the main cornerstones was said to be the UAC (User Account Control) now Mark Russinovich, a Technical Fellow in Microsoft’s Platform and Services Division had been cited with

“Neither UAC elevations nor Protected Mode IE define new Windows security boundaries,Because elevations and ILs (Integrity Levels) don’t define a security boundary, potential avenues of attack, regardless of ease or scope, are not security bugs.”

OK, if it is like that … Security is perhaps not the user’s security but perhaps DRM security and the security of Microsoft.

I resisted long time and stayed on Win2000 and switched to XP after SP2 came out - for Vista I foresaw a quicker cool-off - SP1 had been fixed as the BUY signal.

I should think about this again; perhaps the next machine will run Ubuntu instead…