Old Apache Java

January 19th, 2006

Apache’s stuff became a classic - especially in the Java-universe. Lot of nice stuff found even its way into Sun’s JVM (BCEL, Xerces), but what about the rest?
Commons is beginning to get on my nerves now. We have - as many people - problem with the memory-leaks and caused by commons-logging, now I stumbled into something in HttpClient/Axis which sets finally some red lights on Apache stuff.
It feels for me that Apache becomes a J#. Perhaps a little bit harsh, but since I also have to keep code-compatability with J# I know what I am talking about when I say that it feels the same.
Apache gave us nice things like their licensing-scheme, the Apache server and many reference implementations of JSRs. But Apache is in the end nothing but a brand. Sometimes it seems that more or less weak ideas try get promoted by the blessing of an Apache-branding.