March 27th, 2006

Just read over Kimchy’s Blog that pointed to an article by Martin Fowler which dates back to the end of 2003…
Oh my god this was definitely ahead of my time. As I started my current project I had been well aware of it (I am not sure anymore - I think I even read it shortly after it had been originally published). In fact we moved a system having an anemic domain model to a more object-oriented system (very sucessful by the way - perhaps the thing I am most proud of in my whole career).

Well I had been aware of it. Or I had been occupied by to many things at the “outer rim” to notice: Now we have “Assistants”, “BusinessProcesses” and “Calculator” that stripped out functionality from the business (or domain) objects. They now became more an more a bogus layer between the procedural code and the database*.

*Please note:

…which typically results in a whole layer of O/R mapping. This is worthwhile iff you use the powerful OO techniques to organize complex logic

“Iff” means “if and only if” - so you should employ OO-techniques to do the mapping and not only for the sake of having a mapping layer. In a non-trivial application you will have the need for it so plan for, do not take it too lightly

… the last sentence is perhaps the obligatory detail where I disagree with Martin:-)